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Rise of the Footsoldier: Vengeance

Action, Crime, Drama  I  1h 52m  I  2023  |  18

TATE goes on a rampage to avenge his loyal and trusted foot soldier's violent death. To track down the villain responsible, TATE ventures beyond his comfort zone of Essex and into the dark side of 90s Soho. He squares up against violent kingpins and negotiates his way through treacherous backstreets with sheer brutal force. Set to execute his revenge, TATE will stop at nothing even as the world around him starts to explode.

Directed By: Nick Nevern

Written By: Andrew Loveday & Jason Maza

Starring: Craig Fairbrass, Phil Davis, Geoff Bell, Jamie Foreman, Emily Wyatt, Stephen McCole, Anthony Skordi, Kirsty J. Curtis, George Russo, Josh Myers

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