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Mercury Plains

Action, Drama  |  1h 42 min  |  2016  |  15

Mitch, a troubled young man from Texas, leaves his dead-end life to run away to Mexico where he is recruited by a mysterious captain to join a paramilitary group of teens who fight drug cartels. At their desert camp, The Captain grooms Mitch to be the top soldier in his ‘army’ which he uses to launch attacks on Mexican drug lords in the name of the FBI, all the while keeping the spoils of the raids to himself. As the raids become bloodier and the Mexican police are closing in, Mitch realizes that his only way out is to escape back to America. But can he take the suitcase full of money? Maybe even The Captain’s beautiful girlfriend? First, he must outwit The Captain.

Directed By: Charles Burmeister

Written By: Mark Haskell Smith & Toby Davies

Starring: Scott Eastwood, Angela Sarafyan, Andy Garcia

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