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Drama  |  1h 24 min  |  2023  |  12A

Inspired by true events, Kindling follows a group of young men who return to their hometown to turn their friend Sid’s final summer into a celebration of life, love and friendship.

Facing mortality, Sid (George Somner, Sex Education) wants to create a legacy and be remembered forever. With his obsession for astronomy and the atmosphere, he comes up with a plan to bring everyone together and make this summer unforgettable. He gives each boy a category – love, home, friends, family and location – and asks them to find an item that connects them all with the word they’ve been given. Also starring Conrad Khan (County Lines), Wilson Mbomio (The Witcher) and Mia McKenna-Bruce (Persuasion), Kindling is written and directed by Connor O’Hara in his feature directorial debut.

Written & Directed By: Connor O’Hara

Starring; George Somner, Conrad Khan, Wilson Mbomio, Mia McKenna-Bruce

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