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Partnerships in British Film

At London’s Haymarket Films, we work with partners in the British film industry to produce high-quality work with the best of British talent. Contact us today to find out more about becoming a partner.


Get Involved With a Successful And Active Film Production Company

Our partners gain access to a wide range of perks and benefits that come with being involved with a successful and active film production company dedicated to promoting British film globally.

We attend film festivals and red-carpet events around the world, meeting celebrities and personalities within the film industry wherever we go. Our partners are involved in our projects and play a key role in promoting our work at these events.

What We Offer Our Partners


Festival Attendance

Haymarket attends some of the world’s most prestigious film festivals such as Cannes, Marbella and Berlin. We offer our partners the opportunity to attend these much sought-after festivals along with our team. Our partners will be able to immerse themselves in the full festival experience, attending red-carpet events, VIP parties, dinners and film screenings, whilst rubbing shoulders with actors, industry professionals and filmmakers from all over the world.

Haymarket Lifestyle

In addition to hosting exclusive film screenings, Haymarket also offer our partners the opportunity to attend red-carpet events and private screenings of blockbuster films with Oscar and Emmy award-winning post-production partners Twickenham Studios (Bohemian Rhapsody, The Italian Job, The Martian). We also attend large-scale corporate events (Ascot, Premiership football fixtures, Autumn Internationals, and Six Nation Championship Rugby Fixtures), as well as national and international award ceremonies, such as the National Film Awards UK. Our partners can accompany us to all these events and more as a part of our team.


Red-Carpet Events

Our position within the film industry means we have full access to major red-carpet film premieres and private screenings, usually reserved for cast and crew. Haymarket partners are able to accompany our team to these exclusive red-carpet events in Mayfair, Leicester Square and other West End venues, can meet and engage with a film’s cast and crew, and we always welcome input and feedback throughout a film’s development. 


Are You Interested In The Many Benefits We Offer Our Partners?

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